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When you’re looking for accurate, reasonable, and prompt repairs for your heating equipment, count on Smart Choice Heating & Cooling, Inc. to solve the most challenging difficulties.  We take the safety, comfort, and confidence of our customers very seriously.  To protect your HVAC investment, we employ highly-experienced, conscientious professionals, who have verified their industry expertise through NATE-certification.  As a small, family owned business, we recognize the impact of an unexpected malfunction on your schedule, budget, and comfort.  Each and every project we take on is of the utmost importance, and you can trust us to dedicate our full attention to resolving your problem to your satisfaction.

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Bryant Furnace Smart Choice HVAC Vancouver, WA

Smart Choice Heating & Cooling, Inc. is the only Factory Authorized Dealer anywhere in Vancouver, WA, Camas, Ridgefield & Brush Prarie.  This distinction is reserved for contractors who meet Bryant’s exceptionally high standards in every area of service.  Our team of technicians continue to receive updates in product development, technological advances, and innovative features, ensuring qualified workmanship and unmatched expertise.  We quickly and accurately diagnose the immediate difficulty with your system, make informed recommendations, and proceed with your approval.  We keep you in-the-know, at all times, eliminating unpleasant surprises and avoiding miscommunication.  Cost-effective, long-term solutions have made us a trusted choice for heating repair in Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

While you may think of your furnace as strictly a source of heat, it’s actually expected to live up to strenuous demands.  Maintaining consistent warmth throughout your home is only part of the job.  Your furnace also needs to operate quietly, efficiently, safely, and provide healthy breathing air every day of the colder season, year after year.  With regular wear and tear, minor little issues can disrupt operation.  Funny smells, screeching sounds, extended cycles, or insufficient heating should never be ignored.  Even if you can get by, these warning signs can quickly escalate into much more extensive damage to the system.  And if your system isn’t functioning at peak capacity, it’s generating higher energy use and costing you more to run.  By calling the professionals from Smart Choice Heating & Cooling, Inc., you’re not only fixing the obvious problem, you’re ensuring more efficient, dependable, and safer operation.


Improper operation of heating equipment can present a fire hazard, contribute to health problems, or even pose a threat of carbon monoxide.  For your own peace of mind, when you notice any problem, contact Smart Choice Heating & Cooling, Inc. immediately.  Whether your system is old or new, purchased from us or someone else, we will make sure it is operating properly and work within your budget to bring about the most cost-effective solution.  Our commitment to quality service, in-depth knowledge, and ethical practices makes Smart Choice Heating & Cooling, Inc. the right choice to handle your comfort.

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