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Air Conditioning Installation In Vancouver

At first glance, air conditioners might all look the same.  But they are not created equally.  Quality of design and Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio can vary greatly by manufacturer and model.  The higher the SEER number, the less you spend on electricity.  Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is the comparative method used to determine how efficiently a cooling unit operates.  In January 2006, it became mandatory for all air conditioners to reach a minimum 13 SEER.  A cooling unit with the minimum SEER allowable by the EPA uses 23% less energy than an outdated model, with the previous minimum of 10 SEER.bryant logo

Great A/C installation starts with superior products!

Smart Choice Heating & Cooling, Inc. offers an extensive line of cooling models that start at 13 SEER and reach all the way up to 20 SEER.  We include many ENERGY STAR rated options and advanced features, such as two-stage compressors and variable speed fan operations, for additional energy savings.  With  the installation of a high-efficiency cooling system, the reduced operational costs can quickly recover the initial investment and provide rewards over the life of the equipment.

Smart Choice Heating & Cooling, Inc. is where efficiency, reliability, and technology meet.  We are the only Factory Authorized Dealer throughout all of Vancouver, WA, Camas, Ridgefield & Brush Prarie.  Recognition as a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer is earned rather than given, and ensures our commitment to quality.  By continuously and consistently living up to Bryant’s rigid requirements for technological know-how, customer service, and product knowledge, we offer our customers the premier cooling solutions on the market today.

Bryant Evolution air conditioners are leading the charge in technical innovations.  These wonderfully intelligent systems continuously monitor the temperature and air quality in your home, and vary operation based on its findings.  Perfect Humidity control actively regulates the moisture levels in the air if they rise too high or drop too low, even when the system isn’t providing cooling.  Aeroquiet System combines sound-deadening features in the cabinet, fan system, and top for superior airflow, lower noise, and higher efficiency.  Bryant is also a pioneer in the use of Puron refrigerant in all A/C and heat pumps. Environmentally sound Puron refrigerant is approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency as a replacement for R-22, and is designed not to harm the earth’s ozone layer.  ENERGY STAR qualified in all sizes, the Evolution Series lives up to 20 SEER, keeps sound to an ultra-quiet 68dB, and features a two-stage scroll compressor.

Not all homes are set up with the necessary ductwork for central air conditioning.  Smart Choice Heating & Cooling, Inc. offers a wide selection of ductless options that require nothing more than a three- to four-inch hole in an outside wall.  Ductless mini split systems use inverter technology which enables the system to continuously adjust speed to meet the heating and cooling demands of the home.  The ducts in a conventional system can be responsible for up to a 25% loss of energy.  With a ductless mini split, the energy is transported through insulated lines, conserving 95%.  These systems also allow room-by-room temperature adjustment.  The air handlers are independently controlled, giving you the ability to adjust personal comfort levels with a convenient remote.


As a small, family owned company, the team from Smart Choice Heating & Cooling, Inc. provides personal service that guarantees your best interests are met.  Heating and cooling isn’t a job to us.  It’s a way of life, and we take your comfort and satisfaction very seriously.  Our NATE-certified technicians take the time to listen to your concerns and consider not only the space of your home, but how you utilize it.  Through years of hands-on experience and factory training, we provide insightful recommendations, helping you find exactly the right solution to your specific needs.  Superior products, accurate installation, and quick turnaround on your project minimizes inconvenience and maximizes rewards.  Contact Smart Choice Heating & Cooling, Inc. and we’ll get started making you more comfortable!

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